FinCon2017 here we come!


FinCon is an annual peer conference for the financial media community. Each Fall, attendees connect, learn to create compelling online content, and discover new trends in money and personal finance.

WIMG's VP of Business Development, Andrew Klayman will be attending this years in Dallas, Texas from Oct 25-28th, 2017.

FinCon has a dual mission. First, providing a “real world” connection for the people who enjoy new media and finance. Second, to provide a peer education in current consumer financial trends, as well as trends and tactics in new media.

While the event focuses mostly on written media, video and podcasting have become more of a focus in recent years. Networking is a major aspect of the conference, which includes keynote speakers, breakout sessions featuring speakers and panels, roundtable education sessions, and more. Don’t miss your chance to catch up with Andrew and to find new potential business opportunities with us.