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After the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Sandor Szabo, What If Media Group searched for a meaningful way to honor his legacy. Sandor truly loved and cared for the ocean and had spent a great deal of his time fishing, swimming and surfing. Therefore, What If chose the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF), the largest marine-conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs, as a fitting nonprofit to create a memorial fund in his memory.

Sandor exuded a charismatic personality and positive energy; he had a real way of captivating people in conversations whenever he spoke, which he did a lot of! From his contagious smile, to his cool necklaces, to his HUGE backpack stuffed with everything imaginable, Sandor was one of a kind. If there was one word we would use to describe him, it would be passionate. He was incredibly passionate about his job and the industry, which was reflected in his incredible reputation. He was also extremely passionate about his family, friends, and his dog, Tank! And, as mentioned, he was had a special love for the ocean.

Unfortunately, coral reefs are the most threatened habitat in all the oceans worldwide. The CRF actively works to restore coral reefs, educate others on the importance of our oceans, and maintains and operates seven offshore Coral Tree Nurseries throughout South Florida.

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Large-scale and massive action is required to save our reefs. CRF has proven that this is possible after more than a decade of successfully outplanting corals throughout the Florida Keys. All funds donated will go towards planting reefs that will serve as living legacies of Sandor. Please help us preserve and protect the marine environment Sandor loved so much. This is a beautiful way to honor a missed friend and contribute to a healthier ocean for future generations

We have so many great memories about Sandor that we will cherish forever. What If thanks you for considering a donation in memory of our dear friend and colleague. Please click here to donate.