ASPCA - Give a little to make a difference for animals

Charley 6/0701 to 4/20/17 Rest In Peace

A common theme amongst many of our employees is a deep passion and love for animals. From owning pets, to volunteering at local animal shelters, to donating money, our employees have made a personal commitment to animal welfare.

What if Media Group has made a commitment to the cause too! Both Kat and Rachel are active volunteers at the ASPCA, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals. Kat goes to one of the local adoption centers weekly to care for the cats and has even opened her home to foster a number of times! Kat also has two rescue kitties of her own, one of which she adopted from the ASPCA!

Rachel is a member of the ASPCA Field and Investigations Response Team. As a volunteer for the FIR Team she has traveled to various destinations to provide shelter set-up and daily animal care to animals rescued from natural disasters or animal abuse like animal fighting, puppy mills, hoarding or neglect.

Unfortunately our CEO Josh recently lost his dog Charley. Josh described Charley as always being happy, fun to play with, and the little brother and son he never had. The sudden passing of their dog was extremely emotional for the whole family and we wanted to do something in his memory. 

Therefore when deciding on a charity to donate to, the ASPCA became an obvious and easy choice. Not only do some of our employees volunteer with the foundation, but it is also a great organization to make a donation to in Charley’s honor!
Click here to learn more about the ASPCA’s mission or to make a tax deductible donation