What If We Can Make a Difference for California?

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Our hearts are broken as we watch three more major wildfires engulf the state of California. In an effort to do our part on behalf of our friends and business associates affected by this devastation, What If made a contribution to The California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund.


The CCF Wildfire Relief Fund provides assistance to those who were displaced or are homeless because of the fires. This Los Angeles-based organization will also help rebuild homes and assist with medical needs, like mental and physical health problems and respiratory illnesses exacerbated by the fires. Since the Wildfire Relief Fund opened in 2003, it has raised over $5 million to support relief and recovery efforts.

Lives have been lost, numerous people are still missing, thousands have been displaced and entire neighborhoods have been incinerated. However, there are numerous ways you too can help the people and animals impacted by these wildfires.

What If has all the victims, volunteers, and the brave first responders in mind. We hope you will join us by making a donation here: https://www.calfund.org/wildfire-relief-fund.