What We Do

Our Media uses Multiple Marketing Channels to reach Targeted Audiences to deliver Interactive Content. We spend Advertising Dollars to generate our Opt-in only Data Network. Which in the end delivers Measurable Results for our advertising clients

Our Media.  We create and operate a variety of web properties that attract targeted audiences with whom we interact in a variety of channels.  Through our media, users can get fun recipes, win money, download coupons, read parenting stories, and a host of other easy and free activities.

Multiple Marketing Channels.  We connect with our customers through a variety of media channels including our websites, newsletters, outbound telemarketing, direct mail and social media (ex. Facebook and Twitter).

Targeted Audiences.  Our properties are created with content that appeals to certain demographics and/or interest categories.  For example, young mothers tend to subscribe to The Mommy Guide Newsletter, or while pet owners subscribing to our pet sites tend to have disposable income, and skew towards women over 40 years old.

Interactive Content.  Our users interact with our content because it is interesting to them; of course, it is designed for that purpose.  For example, our users regularly share recipes and news articles, upload baby and pet photos, and download coupons.

Advertising Dollars.  Our media buying team pays to advertise our web properties across dozens of other web properties, including search, email and websites.  This gives us clear insight into the quality and quantity of our traffic, and also enables us to better understand our clients’ needs.

Opt-in only Data Network.  We only collect data from consumers who have actively selected to be part of our media network.  Our total database consists of millions of users, but only includes data provided to us by the consumers.

Measurable Results.  Ultimately, we deliver measurable results to our clients.  Advertising on our media comes with the ability to measure what you are paying for, whether you are buying sales, clicks, leads, or impressions.  We consider many of our clients our “marketing partners” because they work with us for a long period of time, we know their specific needs, and they are able to count on us as professional, dependable, and creative business partners.